Justin Bieber 'I Wouldn't Date Girl Over 40'

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Justin Bieber 'I Wouldn't Date Girl Over 40'

Postitamine  Joanna on Teis 25 Mai 2010 - 15:03

Justin chatted with BILD about what kind of girl he wants: 'A girl has to have a beautiful smile, beautiful eyes and she should have a good sense of humour. She should be honest, loving and trustworthy. It would be a shame to go out with a hot girl you can’t have a decent conversation with! Anything above 40 is a little too old for me. I just look for a girl who is funny and has nice eyes and a smile.'

During Radio 1’s Big Weekend, Justin’s people said that nobody could ask him about his birthday tattoo, but Radio 1’s Fearne Cotton asked. Justin didn’t like it and after refusing to reply he stomped out of the interview, according to Heat World. Later that day Justin reportedly drove around..

..flicking the finger at everyone, including JLS, Diana Vickers, Dizzee Rascal and Cheryl Cole, who were also performing. But, when Justin returned to the stage is was promptly greeted by boos. Does anyone have proof of the boos? Justin is really popular is Latin American now:

'Biebermania knows no boundaries in terms of language or ethnicity. But in Latin America, Bieber's rise has been swift and region-wide despite the fact that he has yet to set foot in any Latin country and has done only one interview with the local press. Bieber is real proof that the way kids are listening to music these days is different from five years ago or maybe even two or three years ago.'

Other teen acts, like Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez, also have developed avid fans in the region. But their rise was more gradual and benefited from exposure on their Disney shows and visits to Latin American countries. 'You can tell it's a very real and very organic kind of demand for Justin. That's how they find and almost instantaneously idolize a young man that they themselves describe on social sites as 'beautiful, tender and perfect.'' Full article @ ABC.

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