Justin Bieber, 'I Love Confident Girls!'

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Justin Bieber, 'I Love Confident Girls!'

Postitamine  Külaline on Püh 25 Apr 2010 - 21:19

Justin revealed to Tiger Beat that he's impressed when a girl approaches him to tell him that they like him, even if it's through their friends: 'I just had this girl come up and say, 'My friend thinks your hot.' I'm like, 'Thaaaanks.' I think that happens to everyone where one of your friends goes and tells the boy!'

Justin recalled one girl who was afraid to tell him how she really felt: 'She was scared to ask me out, so she kept asking me who I liked.' Then he realized she had a crush on him: 'I had to tell her I didn't like her that way. I just wanted to be friends. She was cool with it because we were good friends and I didn't want to make things weird.' Vid under of Justin at the beach! Joah <3


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Re: Justin Bieber, 'I Love Confident Girls!'

Postitamine  biebskogueluks on Teis 8 Märts 2011 - 6:33

enesekindlad tüdrukud on alati parimad !

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